Our Mission

We are Denton musicians and artists supporting other songwriters.  Our events encourage and educate songwriters, and we partner with community organizations and businesses to feature Denton Songwriters Guild artists.

Our leadership:

Aaron Price

Billy Ratcliff

Landon Taylor

Matthew Grigsby

Olivia Countryman


Future Plans

With one full year under our feet, we are working grow our membership and impact in our community.  We plan to create more performance opportunities for our current members and begin hosting songwriting workshops open to the Denton community.

In Spring 2018, we are partnering with a local venue to host a the second annual Denton Folk Festival.  Featuring local and other Texas artists, the festival will be a multi-day event.  More details to be announced soon.

Get involved by coming to a monthly meeting, following us on Facebook, or shoot us an email.